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Four universal mix templates you can load into your DAW (we offer versions for Logic Pro X, Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Steinberg Cubase) as a starting point for your next mix.

includes the latest UPDATE!

• NEW Templates for users of FabFilter, Klanghelm and Slate Digital added to MIX TEMPLE for Logic, ProTools and Ableton Live<

1. DAW only
One of the templates we are shipping does NOT require any third party plugins, it uses the build-in processors that ship with your DAW: all you need is the current version of Logic Pro X/Pro Tools/Cubase.

2. For users of Waves Plugins
Another template has specifically been created for users of Waves Plugins in mind.

3. For Slate Digital Users
This is the template for users of the new Slate Digital Mix/Master/FX Bundle

The MixTemple
This template has ALL the Waves and Slate plugin-chains setup in one session.

While it’s not required, we also recommend to get the reference plug-in Magic AB by Sample Magic.

If you only own a few (not all) of the plug-ins mentioned, don’t worry – the MixTemple will let you interchange and replace plug-ins by different manufacturers as required. We carefully matched all the starting points and settings to be fully compatible. You will get more value out of the plugins you already own!

• These templates follow 100% the guidelines of the book, so you can always get support from the book while working on your OWN mix!

• Find pretty much everything thats in the book set up as a feature or plug-in chain in these templates!

• Instructions are included in your DAWs notepad feature, and every track in the arrangement comes with useful info to read while you’re mixing.

Additional Bonus Templates for special applications are included:

• Mastering
• Room Measurement
• Analogue Console and Summing Calibration

• Recording and mixing vocals to a pre-mastered backing-track