Latest updates

• November 12 Mix Temple PRO for Ableton Live is out! If you already own Mix Temple or another version of Mix Temple Pro, you can crossgrade for € / $ 29 (includes VAT in the EU). E-Mail feedback@mixedbymarcmozart.com for an upgrade coupon!

• Juli 11 Mix Temple PRO for Studio One has been updated.
fixed a bug where some users did not get the PreSonus plugins chains
added macro controls for the HoF Reverbs
added Arranger song structure
added a dedicated MixBus for side chaining
fixed a bug on various pan settings
added grouping of tracks and busses

• May 27 Mix Temple PRO for Studio One is out. If you have pre-ordered, the final installers are now in your account.

• May 22 New tutorial added: how to install Halls of Fame / Marc Mozart Edition onto your computer (English | German)

• May 17 Tutorials for Mix Temple PRO are here (English | German)

• May 10 Mix Temple PRO is on Pre-Order for Studio One V4: special pricing if you order now

• April 21 Mix Temple PRO is out for Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 2018/2019 and Cubase 10 – to upgrade from any version of MIX TEMPLE, please e-mail us at feedback@mixedbymarcmozart.com and let us know which DAW you’re using. We will provide you with a discount coupon that will allow you to purchase the product for only $29 / €29 (incl. VAT in the EU)

• March 21 Mix Temple PRO for Pro Tools – updated to V1.2 (added support for SSL Native Plugins)