MASTER TEMPLE PRO for Ableton Live

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MASTER TEMPLE PRO for Ableton Live

For the longest time mastering has been seen as audio magic, hidden from most eyes. Sure, it’s about level, balance, stereo image – but what are the actual goals and steps necessary to get there.

These questions are the exact reason why we created MASTER TEMPLE PRO! To give you the knowledge and tools necessary to master mastering 😉

Product Description

Master Temple PRO is a template, set up for a quick and understandable workflow. All processing is organized into 4 easy to follow blocks:

1 – Surgical: We’re taking out what’s not supposed to be there. Boomy low end, mid range resonances, sharp hihats – it all gets dealt with here.

2 – Shaping: We’re giving the track some flavor. 🧂 Broad EQ boosts and cuts can push your master into a certain direction just as much as choosing the right bus compressor for the job.

3 – General: Anything goes! Need a mid/side EQ? We got it. Some gentle drive and distortion? Yup. Multiband compression? Got that too.

4 – Level: Pretty self explanatory, isn’t it. Here is where we’re setting the final level for your track to make it competitive in a modern music world.

Sounds like a lot? Well don’t worry. We’ve included a lot of presets for all of these processing blocks using plugins from some of the most renowned mastering plugin manufacturers.

There’s also three flavors of every block and manufacturer: Natural, Tight and Loud&Heavy. Mixing and matching presets from different manufacturers isn’t a problem either thanks to our 4 block bus system.

Included with Master Temple Pro is a custom metering solution to always keep your gain staging in check. (Never, ever forget about gain staging)

On top of that you are also getting an eBook (english language) especially made to really dive deep into Master Temple PRO, mastering in general to give you the knowledge you need to master mastering!

You need Ableton Live Standard 10.1.35 or higher to use Master Temple PRO for Ableton Live.


Workflow Tutorial Video

The following companies & plugins are used in the Channel Strip Library of Master Temple PRO for Ableton Live:

Pro-C 2
Pro-L 2
Pro-Q 3

Ozone 9 Dynamic EQ
Ozone 9 Dynamics
Ozone 9 Equalizer
Ozone 9 Exciter
Ozone 9 Imager
Ozone 9 Maximizer
Ozone 9 Spectral Shaper
Ozone 9 Vintage Compressor
Ozone 9 Vintage EQ
Ozone 9 Vintage Limiter
Ozone 9 Vintage Tape
Ozone 9 Elements

Plugin Alliance
Bettermaker EQ232D
bx_dynEQ V2
bx_hybrid V2
bx_limiter True Peak
elysia alpha master
elysia nvelope
Lindell PEX-500
Millennia NSEQ-2
Pro Audio DSP DSM V3
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
SPL Passeq
SPL TwinTube
SPL TwinTube
Unfiltered Audio Zip

Slate Digital
Infinity EQ
Slate Digital FG-X
VBC Rack
Virtual Mix Rack 2
Virtual Tape Machines

AR TG Mastering
L3-LL Ultramaximizer
LinEQ Broadband
LinEQ Lowband
PuigChild 670
PuigTec EQP1A
PuigTec MEQ5
S1 Imager