MIX TEMPLE PRO for Cubase 10

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MIX TEMPLE PRO for Cubase 10

Mix Temple Pro – the perfect starting point for your next mix. Massive channel strip library supports many popular brands of plugins (including Cubase native plugins, iZotope Ozone/Neutron/Nectar, Native Instruments, Waves, Slate Digital), includes an amazing reverb plugin with many impulse responses of five legendary hardware reverbs.

Product Description

MIX TEMPLE PRO includes:

  • PRO Templates for Cubase 10 you can easily customize for your needs! Fully supports Cubase Pro 10.
  • Channel Strip Library supporting the following plug-in brands:
    • Cubase Native on-board plug-ins
    • Native Instruments
    • iZotope Ozone v8 / Neutron v2 / Nectar v2
    • Waves Audio
    • Slate Digital
    • more brands will be added
  • Halls of Fame Reverb plug-in featuring IRs of 5 famous hardware reverbs
  • ALL previous versions of MIX TEMPLE (including versions for Cubase, ProTools, Logic Pro X, Ableton)
  • Features many key tips and tricks from my bestselling book YOUR MIX SUCKS

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