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• PDF-Format: optimized for reading on computer-screens as well as on tablets and smartphones
• regular updates: all buyers are eligible for life-long updates, updates will always be FREE
• designed for users of ALL DAWs: Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton, Reaper, FL Studio, etc.
• helps you to make the best out of the equipment you have – not sponsored by any manufacturer
• use as workbook while you’re mixing: guides you chronologically through the entire mixing process
• breaks complicated mixing techniques down into easy to follow separate steps

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2 reviews for YOUR MIX SUCKS eBook

  1. Michael Fields

    cause chances are unless you’re a 20 or 30 year veteran.. at some point and time your mixes are gonna suck.. sometimes I work on my mixes for weeks just to escape the ‘sucks factor’

  2. Angel Paul Herrera

    hahahahaha! what a great title ! totality gonna buy this,

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