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Q: “What are the files and file-formats I end up with?”
A: You will get 24bit masters along with 44.1k / 16bit files for CD production. Every master is ONLY delivered in WAV format as that will prevent anybody down the line to upload compressed files for release.
We can deliver masters in 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz so you have at hand what is needed – video usually requires 48kHz, and 96kHz is “high resolution” but 96k of course only really makes sense sonically if your original production was 96k from the start. You can let us know what you need.

Q: “Can I use MASTER FEEDBACK to master my complete EP or album?”
A: Yes! We even offer volume discounts in our shop.

Q: “What about the different versions of my mix, like Instrumental, TV Mix, Vocal only”
A: You can select these options in the shop. If in doubt, e-mail us.

Q: “What if I don’t approve your final result because I am not happy with the master?”
A: Just let us know your feedback. We will fine tune it until you are happy!

Q: “Can you handle my Vinyl-Mastering?”
A: Of course! Just let us know in the process.

Q: “How many revisions are possible?”
A: We will work until you are happy. If we believe it gets ridiculous, we’ll tell you.

Q: “When do I get the master back?”
A: We take up to 3 workdays for the feedback, and another 3 workdays for the mastering. Booking the express service will bring down each step to 24h.

Q: “How do I deliver the files?”
A: Stem files should be delivered as WAV-files in your work samplerate without any master bus processing.

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