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This is a pre-order – the final product will be delivered January 2nd, 2019!

MIX TEMPLE PRO includes:

• PRO Templates for Logic Pro X you can easily costumize for your needs!

• Channel Strip Library supporting the following plug-in brands:
Logic Pro X 10.4 Native on-board plug-ins
Native Instruments – iZotope Ozone / Neutron / Nectar – Waves Audio – Slate Digital – Softube – SSL Native v6
more brands will be added

• Halls of Fame Reverb plug-in featuring IRs of 5 famous hardware reverbs

• ALL previous versions of MIX TEMPLE (including versions for Logic Pro X, Cubase, ProTools, Ableton)

• Features many key tips and tricks from my bestselling book YOUR MIX SUCKS

YOUR MIX SUCKS eBook (FREE Chapter 9)


• PDF-Format: optimized for reading on computer-screens as well as on tablets and smartphones
• regular updates: all buyers are eligible for life-long updates, updates will always be FREE
• designed for users of ALL DAWs: Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton, Reaper, FL Studio, etc.
• helps you to make the best out of the equipment you have – not sponsored by any manufacturer
• use as workbook while you’re mixing: guides you chronologically through the entire mixing process
• breaks complicated mixing techniques down into easy to follow separate steps

Mix Temple FREE for Logic Pro X


Mix Temple FREE for Logic Pro X

Guys and girls – here’s a FREE template for Logic Pro X-users.
This will work great as a starting point for recording and producing a vocal on an existing backing track.
Comes with a huge channel strip library for vocals. All the FX-sends and returns you need already in place, mix-bus chains, master-bus chains – BOOOM. All FREE…

Download it now and check it out!

This is based on our best-selling Mix Temple PRO series that is available for Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Cubase 10, more coming soon.

Mix Temple FREE – the perfect free start into your next vocal recording and production session!

The channel strip library supports many popular brands of plugins (including Logic 10.4 native plugins iZotope Ozone/Neutron/Nectar, Native Instruments, Waves, Slate Digital, Softube, SSL Native) and will make it very easy to make your vocals sound great on an existing backing track!

Archive Recall


Archive Recall – Your Audio-Backup Solution.

We’ve already worked together and mastered one of your tracks? You’re now looking for an altered mastering version, e.g. applying changes in volume or a special bounce for a specific use (instrumentals, etc)? If that’s the case, our Archive Recall Service is just what you need.

After booking this service, we’ll instantly get in touch with you to make sure we apply the changes according to your wishes. The service is charged per track.