If you’re interested in getting your production mixed, please get in touch. Even if a full mix done in my high-end studio is not in your budget, there are alternative solutions that will not compromise on my high quality standards.

Some producers are somewhat happy with their mix, but have difficulties to commit to saying “It’s finished.” If thats the case, have a look at my very budget-friendly offer MASTER FEEDBACK. I have helped thousands of people to get the best out of their own mix, and you should NEVER master your own mix. It is so important to get someone fresh into the picture, especially after working on a production for many days or even weeks.

Every producer should own my book YOUR MIX SUCKS. It gives you compressed knowledge for all phases and aspects of a great audio mix, and will also make it easier to communicate with others about sound and mixing.
Once you’re ready to tryout the concepts and ideas from YOUR MIX SUCKS, I can also support you with my MIX TEMPLE templates for your DAW, a huge time and budget-saver for your next mix.

It is my highest principle to never compromise on quality, at any budget.

Any questions, just reach out.


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