If you’re interested in working with me and my team, please get in touch. There is no dumb question, I will always be able to help, and it is my highest principle to never compromise on quality, at any budget.

Every producer should own my book YOUR MIX SUCKS. It gives you compressed knowledge for all phases and aspects of a great audio mix, and will also make it easier to communicate with others about sound and mixing. I’m also giving all buyers of the book a year of free mix feedback for their productions.

Once you’re ready to tryout the concepts and ideas from YOUR MIX SUCKS, I can support you with my MIX TEMPLE PRO templates for your DAW, a huge time and budget-saver for your next mix.

Have you heard of my very budget-friendly stem mastering service MASTER FEEDBACK? It’s the perfect service for any producer who is working on his own mixes but wants to have a final objective quality control stage for one or several reasons:

• you’ve worked on your mix for a long time and look for support to sign off on the final version
• your room makes it difficult to judge the low end of your mix
• you’re not exactly sure how loud your master should be for the different mediums

MASTER FEEDBACK is the combination of giving feedback to your existing mix, then I take over doing a mix of your stems and deliver to you the final masters for distribution. The most important aspect of stem mastering is that I can leave your mix fully intact while I have access to all single elements of your mix so that I can go to the source if a specific sound needs to be fixed or improved on.

And then of course, I do full mixes using my SSL 4000 G-Series console which is fully integrated into a hybrid setup that involves beautiful analogue outboard and processing, as well as everything that plugins and the digital world are offering.

Any questions, please reach out. Looking forward to hear from you.


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