Online Mix Coaching – Mentored by Marc Mozart

Welcome to the online version of “Mentored by Marc Mozart” – your personal Mix Coaching where it’s all about your mix! No matter whether you’re an advanced audio engineer or you’ve recently started mixing – we’re here to bring your mixing skills to the next level. 

We’ve all been there: The mix sounds quite good. You’ve tested it on various systems – the kick is kind of cutting through – but you sense a conflict with the bass. The vocals sit well in the mix – but they don’t stand out and shine. And this is where we come into play. It’s our mission to fill your delta between the current sound of your mix and the way you want it so sound. 

Our promise is to really care about your individual mixing status-quo. And in order to ensure this, the “Mentored by Marc Mozart” online seminar is limited to a maximum of 6 participants – and Marc Mozart himself. This is how we make sure that all of your questions will be answered!

Plus: this is a genre-open seminar: No matter whether you produce Metal, Hip Hop, EDM, Techno, Rock or Singer/Songwriter-Tunes: It’s all about the music! The techniques and tools teached work in every genre.

Benefit from the whole package

Prior to the coaching:

  • Tell us about your most important questions! What mixing issues are you currently facing? Send us an e-mail with your most important questions. This helps us to understand your needs.
  • Send us your track! Pick your one, favorite, latest mix. Let us know what is pulling your triggers!
  • Planning to invest into new gear or your own studio? We have the latest equipment as well as the classic hardware: Just be full „hands on“ – try the gear and ask us everything you want to know. After all: You don’t need to spend a fortune on new equipment – you just need to invest into the necessary gear according to you needs. And that does not need to be expensive in order to sound good.
  • My mixing e-book bestseller „Your Mix Sucks“ comes for free with booking this program: It’s available as free download once you’ve booked this mentoring program. Having read the book is not mandatory, but it surely helps you to make the best out of the knowledge.
  • By booking this package, you’ll additionally – and with no further charges – receive: A version of MIX TEMPLE PRO: Mix-Templates for your DAW worth 99€ and a full year of free mix feedback (worth 59€ – but actually priceless 😉 )

Bring it on! What do I get?

Stuck at home during the holidays – Corona keeps you inside? Then: Join our full day of exclusive Mix Coaching with Marc Mozart via Zoom in a small group of max. 6 participants in total

• 10.00 am to 10:30 am: Show and Tell – give the group a short introduction what you’re keen on learning

• 10:30 am to 12.30 am: Room Acoustics, Monitoring and the Magic of the 1st listen

• 12:30 am to 01.15 pm: Break: Everybody relaxed his/her eyes and gets something to eat

• 01:15 pm to 03:00 pm: Mix Preparation and individual feedback to your sent track

• 03:00 pm to 03:15 pm: Short Break

• 03.15 am to 05:15 pm: Foundation: Gain Staging, Mixing Low-End and Vocals

• 05:15 pm to 05:30 pm: Short Break

• 05:30 pm to 07:30 pm: Continuity, Parallel Processing and the Dynamic of your mix

After the mentoring

I want to know how your mixing improves over time! I’ll be there for you if questions pop up in the future. This is why I’ve filled this mentoring package with more benefits for you! As mentioned above, by booking this package, you’ll additionally – and with no further charges – receive:

• Priceless: Our “Your Mix Sucks” -Facebook-Community: A vivid, exclusive Producer Community where the people really help each other.

• 365 Days of Mix Feedback worth 59€

MIX TEMPLE PRO: Mix-Templates for your DAW worth 99€

Timing, technical details, language and minimum number of participants

  • The course will be held in English
  • The times mentioned are in CET

In order to book, simply click on the booking-banner below.