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All of our products in one complete package. Everything Bundle is your One-Stop-Solution for Mixing and Mastering!!


Product Description

What is included?

1. YOUR MIX SUCKS – The Mixing Bestseller

YOUR MIX SUCKS is an international bestseller that has changed the game for tens of thousands of audio professionals around the world. With 10 easy-to-follow chapters, this comprehensive guide to the mixing process covers everything from technical and artistic considerations to the people side of mixing audio – including networking and client feedback.

The book is part of a complete system that includes our MIX TEMPLE DAW Templates and MASTER FEEDBACK, our exclusive and personal mastering and consulting service. This system helps songwriters, producers, and audio engineers get the best out of their productions.

YOUR MIX SUCKS is the complete mix methodology from DAW preparation to delivery! Here’s what you can expect:

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  • PDF format: optimized for reading on computer screens, tablets, and smartphones
  • Life-long free updates: all buyers are eligible for regular updates, and updates are always free
  • Available in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian
  • Designed for users of all DAWs, including Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton, Studio One, Reaper, FL Studio, and GarageBand
  • Helps you save money and get the best out of the equipment you have – not sponsored by any manufacturer
  • Can be used as a workbook while you’re mixing, guiding you through the entire process in a chronological manner
  • Complicated mixing techniques and principles are broken down into easy-to-follow steps


Imagine renting a studio and all gear is still packed in boxes! You have to unpack every single device, wire it up and test whether it works at all, and then find out what it even does. Once everything is wired (weeks later of course), you’re inspiration to write, perform, produce and mix is completely gone. This is roughly how it feels when you first open a DAW software on your computer. Any pro studio in the world would be broke using this concept!

Mix Temple PRO – the result of 25 years of production and mixing practice in the DAW – provides you with a flexible audio infrastructure. Use it to organise your creative chaos and to speed up your workflow!

The pure development time for each DAW version was a full year – it’s easy to use but development is time-consuming. Anyone who has been using Mix Temple PRO for a while knows that we are continuously developing it and regularly releasing free updates, most recently for users of UAD plugins.

Based on his Mixing-Besteller “YOUR MIX SUCKS” Marc Mozart translated his best mixing practices into a convenient mixing template made for your specific DAW. On top, Mix Temple PRO comes with the Marc Mozart “Halls of Fame” Reverb plug-in featuring Impuls Responses of 5 legendary hardware reverbs.

Mix Temple PRO saves you from the tiring process of mix preparation, yet it will leave all options to take this template as a starting point for your very own mix.

Get inspired: Maybe you want to keep some of you old workflow? No problem! We encourage you to modify the template to your own needs! Keep what you are familiar with and combine it with Mix Temple PRO. You can use the preset library with all of your projects!


Unlock the Secrets of Mastering

For the longest time, mastering has been seen as audio magic, hidden from most eyes. Sure, it’s about level, balance, stereo image – but what are the actual goals and steps necessary to get there? These questions are the exact reason why we created MASTER TEMPLE PRO! To give you the knowledge and tools necessary to master mastering 😉


Master Temple PRO is a template set up for a quick and understandable workflow. All processing is organized into 4 easy-to-follow blocks:

  • Surgical: Here, we take out what’s not supposed to be there (boomy low end, mid-range resonances, sharp hi-hats, etc.).
  • Shaping: This is where we give the track some flavor (broad EQ boosts and cuts, bus compressor selection, etc.).
  • General: This block covers anything that needs to be done (mid/side EQ, gentle drive and distortion, multiband compression, etc.).
  • Level: Here, we set the final level for the track to make it competitive in the modern music world.


We’ve included a lot of presets for all processing blocks using plugins from renowned mastering plugin manufacturers like Waves, iZotope’s Ozone 9, Plugin Alliance, FabFilter, and Slate Digital. Even if you don’t own any third-party plugins, don’t worry – we’ve created easy-to-use and awesome-sounding plugin chains with DAW Native Plugins. So, whatever your setup might be, you’ll still be able to get that perfect master.


There are three flavors for every block and manufacturer: Natural, Tight, and Loud & Heavy. Mixing and matching presets from different manufacturers isn’t a problem either thanks to our 4 block bus system.


Master Temple PRO also includes the best VU metering solution we’ve ever used, the TBProAudio mvMeter2. Keeping levels in check and gain staging even throughout the signal chain is crucial in mastering, and mvMeter2 is the perfect solution to do just that. The plugin comes directly with the product download – no extra registration or purchase required!


You’ll also receive an eBook (English language) especially made to really dive deep into Master Temple PRO and give you the knowledge to master mastering. The job of mastering is much more than just plugins and signal flow, so I’m also giving you all my secrets about dealing with deadlines, clients, and general tips around the mastering process – from receiving the first email to the final delivery.

Please check the System Requirements tab to check compatibility with your DAW.

Mix Temple Pro works with the following DAW-Versions:

Mix Temple Pro for Logic: Logic Pro X 10.5.1 or higher
Mix Temple Pro for ProTools: Pro Tools 2018 or higher
Mix Temple Pro for Cubase: Cubase Pro 10 or higher
Mix Temple Pro for Ableton Live: Ableton Live Standard 10.1.2 or higher
Mix Temple Pro for Studio One: Studio One Professional 4 or higher

Master Temple Pro works with the following DAW-Versions:

Master Temple Pro for Logic: Logic Pro X 10.5.1 or higher
Master Temple Pro for ProTools: Pro Tools 2020 or higher
Master Temple Pro for Cubase: Cubase Pro 11 or higher
Master Temple Pro for Ableton Live: Ableton Live Standard 10.1.35 or higher
Master Temple Pro for Studio One: Studio One Professional 5 or higher