After introducing the bestselling mixing book YOUR MIX SUCKS, and putting the power of MIX TEMPLE PRO for your DAW in your hands, I am proud to present my stem mastering and mix feedback service MASTER FEEDBACK, the final step in a trinity of products that can guide your mixing process from start to delivery of the final master. You can book the Stereo-Mix option directly via this site. For the STEM-Mastering, please send us your tracks (320kbit .mp3 only) to and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

You’re a producer mixing your own productions?

MASTER FEEDBACK is here to provide you with ideas and solutions for the most critical stage of your mix!

Master Feedback Your Mix Improvement Step 3

Right at the point when you have heard your song several hundred times, I’m personally joining your mix process by delivering objective feedback for the final stage of your mix.

Mastering reinvented.

MASTER FEEDBACK is your personal mix feedback and stem mastering service.

But there’s more weight taken off your shoulder – you can completely remove the final brickwall limiter from your mix, and optimize for full expression and dynamics. That will give me a lot more space to work with in the stem mastering process, where your mix will be optimized for perfect translation across all popular listening systems – from Smartphones, Earbuds and Laptop-speakers to Boomboxes, Car Stereos and Audiophile High-End Systems. Whether you want your mix to be extremely dynamic, extremely loud, or somewhere in the middle – it will always be able to compete across all consumer listening sources!

What my best clients say.

MASTER FEEDBACK is a service I’ve been developing over many years for my best clients.
In conclusion all of them feel a lot more confident during the finishing phase of a mix.

“Marc’s book, and his feedback and final stem mastering have taken my mixes from 60 to 100. Therefore, it’s always included in budgets.”

“The final 10% of my mix feel a lot more confident with Marc’s support.”

I’ve now refined the feedback process over more than 10 years, and a number of major remix and compilation projects (including DMX, Sly Stone, Bob Marley, many Electronic/Dubstep/House-projects) were finalized this way, The total number of tracks finished using this process is now at around 500.

How does it work?

It all starts with Your Mix.

Your mix is done. Almost. It seems like you’re happy with it. Maybe it’s missing the last 2-5 percent. Or 10 percent. Who knows? It’s been a long and tough journey – probably time to bring it to an end. Sounds familiar? What do you do? Let’s face it: a lot of great mixes get screwed up JUST BEFORE the finish line. Because by wanting to get the last drop of loudness, bass and impact out of it, the mix is ultimately destroyed within minutes. And nobody recognises until its too late. Therefore, do not overthink it! Relax for a moment, have a coffee and send us your mix to

Master Feedback Coffee Step 1

Step 1 – The Feedback.

I am listening to your work and get back to you with structured and workable written mix feedback, including ideas for improvement. All important areas of your mix will be discussed.

Master Feedback My Feedback Step 2

Step 2 – Improving your Mix

With my feedback at hand, you have a page of fresh input to work with. Take your time, and work those ideas that you like into the final version of your mix. At this stage the mix is ready for mastering.

You’re uploading the “post production stems” of your mix as high resolution WAV-files, and we are completely working from stems for the mastering process. Please make sure that you send all of the stems required to actually master your track by cross-listening to the bounced and to be sent files. If you’re not yet familiar with the process of creating “post production stems”, don’t worry, upon purchase of the product in the store, we are providing you a downloadable brochure that details that process. And I’m always happy to go into details with you on this using Skype, Facetime, Phone or whatever app works for you!

Master Feedback Mastering Step 4

Step 3 – The Master

I will personally take care of the stem mastering of your mix, and upon your approval, provide you with a download-link for your mastered high resolution files, ready for release!

Extremely affordable.

If you have more questions, please get in touch with us.

Service Add-On: Archive Recall

We’ve already worked together and mastered one of your tracks? You’re now looking for an altered mastering version, e.g. applying changes in volume or a special bounce for a specific use (instrumentals, etc)? If that’s the case, our Archive Recall Service is just what you need.

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After booking this service, we’ll instantly get in touch with you to make sure we apply the changes according to your wishes. The service is charged per track.