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With 3 processors – EQ, compression and gating – in one easy-to-use plugin, AudioTrack functions like a mixing console’s channel strip, serving your most essential needs on any audio track.

Product Description

Waves 25th Anniversary edition: You can now choose between the classic Legacy and the new Modern user interfaces. Both offer new plugin features, including:

  • Focused EQ band display: Shows only the selected band’s controls, to let you quickly control band values
  • Double Precision: 32-bit floating-point processing at 64 bits
  • Separate meters for Comp and Gate gain reduction

AudioTrack offers the most efficient and CPU-light way to mix your tracks: you can open multiple instances, one per channel, and avoid the need to jump back and forth between separate equalizer, gate and compressor plugins.

The 4-band paragraphic equalizer provides bell, high-pass, low-pass, and shelving filter options. The dynamics section includes a fully adjustable compressor/expander and gate. Input and output faders allow for proper gain staging, and dynamics and output meters enable accurate visual feedback.

What you get:

  • 3 processors in one easy-to-use channel strip plugin
  • Includes EQ, compression and gate
  • CPU-light with pristine sound quality
  • 25th Anniversary edition includes Legacy and Modern interfaces
  • NEW 25th Anniversary features: Double precision, separate Comp and Gate meters, focused EQ band display