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Mix Templates for Cubase 8

Since it’s release in February 2015, the eBook YOUR MIX SUCKS has become an international bestseller that now helps thousands of people around the world to improve their mixes with 10 easy to understand chapters.

Today we are introducing MIX TEMPLE, a collection of mix templates for Cubase 8 that applies all the exact knowledge and tricks from the book to jumpstart your next mix with readily prepared features.



    Four universal mix templates you can load into Cubase as a starting point for your next mix.

    is a mix template that does NOT require any third party plugins, it uses the processors that ship with Cubase 8:
    all you need is the current version of Cubase 8

    has been specifically created for users of Waves Plugins

    This is the template for users of the new Slate Digital Mix/Master/FX Bundle

    This template has ALL the Waves and Slate plugin-chains setup in one session.

    While it’s not required, we also recommend to get the reference plug-in Magic AB by Sample Magic.

    If you only own a few (not all) of the plug-ins mentioned, don’t worry – the MixTemple will let you interchange and replace plug-ins by different manufacturers as required. We carefully matched all the starting points and settings to be fully compatible. You will get more value out of the plugins you already own!

    • These templates follow 100% the guidelines of the book, so you can always get support from the book while working on your OWN mix!

    • Find pretty much everything thats in the book set up as a feature or plug-in chain in these templates!

    • Instructions are included in the notepad of Cubase, and every track in the arrangement comes with useful info to read while you’re mixing.

    Additional Bonus Templates for special applications are included:
    • Mastering
    • Room Measurement
    • Analogue Console and Summing Calibration
    • Recording and mixing vocals to a pre-mastered backing-track

    • Release Date: OUT NOW

    49$ 39$ incl VAT (in EU)Select options


    • Common elements of song structures are already pre-labeled for drag and drop to suit your project.
    • Navigate each song part with a dedicated key on your numbers keypad.
    • Instrument groups and slots for your single tracks are prepared, coloured and labeled.
    • Routing with dedicated subgroups, vca-faders and a separate mix- and master bus are already set up and assigned.
    • 20 Send/Return FX-busses with lots of previously secret crazy FX chains are already setup.

    • All you need to do to get started is DRAG and DROP your audio files from the finder into the template, replace them with the blank audio regions, and you’re ROLLING!


    • A sine synth that feeds the drum bus lets you find the important frequencies and corresponding piano notes of your kick quickly: All plugin chains are already in place.
    • Bass tracks are prepared to split the bass in mono low-end and stereo information that can be treated separately: Get low-end punch and stereo-width at the same time.
    Drum-trigger features are already setup: Get your trigger information for drum replacement without any extra effort.
    • Plug-in chains for an acoustic drum-set as well as electronic kick and snare are already set up and routed.
    • Parallel processing chains are right there – just duplicate your track to the parallel compression track.
    • A dedicated drum group also has it’s own parallel processing feature that can easily be accessed via send/return.


    • It’s all right there and set up for you. There’s a place for every common type of instrument and signal – with plug-in chains set up and ready to go!
    • A variety of plug-in chains for vocals provides great starting points. As mentioned above, WITH more than 20 FX sends set up!
    • You can and will of course costumize your plug-in settings to your specific project, but there’s no more thinking about what plug-in to use, and in which order.
    • To make things even easier, there are pre-configured tracks for Lead Vocals Male, Female, Rap Vocals, Lead Vocal Doubles and Backing Vocals, plus plug-in chains for parallel processing setups. Every track comes with instruction notes in the Cubase Session, and you can also follow each decision with the eBook if you own it.
    • Some Instruments are in the way of your vocals? Just send them to a pre-configured mix-group that is sidechained to your lead vocals. That will create some space for your vocal.
    • 3D tracks – put some depth and 3D in your mix: Guitars, keyboards, strings, horns etc. can be transformed from a mono track into a wide three-dimensional stereo image that makes space in the middle for your vocals, bass and kick.


    • Your source-tracks are collectively too loud? Every track is already Gain Reduced by 10dB, using the built-in Cubase Channel Strip.
    • Just like you’ve learned it from the book, mix- and master-bus are separated, and you can feed the master-bus with several mix-busses to use multibus-techniques.


    • A large variety of EQs and Compressors will be applied to the different types of tracks. That makes a huge difference compared to just using the same processors on each instrument.
    • Lots of ideas for modulation FX are setup (and bypassed) on things like pads, guitars, strings. Just activate these if you feel some life needs to be brought into a track.
    • Individual notes for each track in Cubase will remind you about ideas that are already prepared for you and can be applied within a second.


    • Remember, it’s not one single plug-in or trick that makes your mixes loud, punchy and glue together. Thats why there are some very subtle plug-in chains on the various Mix-Busses. It’s just a matter of going through the notes and activating or bypassing the plug-ins needed, and you’ll get the punch and loudness that you need, without destroying your Master.


    • You’ll get fresh updates once a month for an entire year.


    49$ 39$ incl VAT (in EU)Select options


  1. Love the templates, but would like to use the Mastering template. Anyway don’t find any hint how it is meant to use. Is there a short description anywhere? Best, Marc

  2. Hätte eine Frage wegen dem Routing: Stimmt es, dass manche Basskanäle und die Gitarrenkanäle (also die Dry Wet) in den Drums Clean Bus reingehen? Wenn ja wofür?

  3. Hello,

    Are the Klanghelm plugin chains available for Cubase users? They were announced for last March, but since then this page still only mentions Slate and Waves for the Cubase version…

    Also, has compatibility with Cubase 9 been confirmed?


  4. Hey Marc,

    I bought MixTemple for Cubase 8 but unfortunately this template doesn’t work properly for me. On this product page, it is only stated that it is for Cubase 8 (no version information given) and I have Cubase LE AI Elements 8 and I tought that it’s compatible of course since it is a Cubase 8. but it is not compatible with that version. It’s unfortunately useless for me and I wouldn’t buy it if there was such an information. I also use Logic Pro X 10 and would be very happy if it is possible to send me the Logic version.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    I’ve tried to contact you just after I’ve purchased MixTemple for Cubase,it’s my second attempt.

    • Hi Mehmet, yes it’s true you need the full Cubase 8 Pro-version – please e-mail me at [email protected] – I’m very happy to send you a free coupon for a different DAW-version.

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