LEVELS (by Mastering The Mix)

59$ incl VAT (in EU)

LEVELS helps music producers get a technically excellent final mix and master. It does this by analyzing the essential elements of your mix and alerting you if there is an issue. The powerful tools give you the crucial information you need to make improvements to your mix.

Version 2.0 is now out!



  1. Hauke Frederik Pengel

    Puh, ist ja ein nettes Plugin, mir aber etwas zu hochpreisig. Gibt es eine Besonderheit die andere (günstigere/kostenlose) Tools dieser Art nicht haben? Ich nutze zur Zeit IK Metering.

  2. Mads Frederik

    Mads Sen

  3. Jerrell Moore

    This is an amazing plugin. Tried out the demo a while back

  4. Danny Gallagher

    This looks like a useful tool. Are there presets for (for example) different genres and pre/post mastered? I noticed that there’s a “compare” button. Is this similar to EQ matching – where I could analyze a commercially-recorded reference track and compare it to my project?

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