Bundle: YOUR MIX SUCKS ebook + MIX TEMPLE PRO for Logic Pro X

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Bundle: YOUR MIX SUCKS ebook + MIX TEMPLE PRO for Logic Pro X

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• YOUR MIX SUCKS eBook (English)
• MIX TEMPLE PRO for Logic Pro X



YOUR MIX SUCKS is THE complete methodology for the entire mixing process from preparation to delivery.
In addition to the technical and artistical side of things, the book also deals with the people aspects of mixing audio, from networking to dealing with client feedback.
The book is part of a complete system that also includes our MIX TEMPLE DAW-Templates and exclusive and personal mastering and consulting-service MASTER FEEDBACK. All of these help songwriters, producers and audio engineers to get stunning results out of their productions.

Mix Methodology in 10 chapters - Mix Room, Monitoring, DAW Preparation, Bass, Kicks, Gain Staging, Vocals, Automation, Compression, Harmonics, EQ, Delivery.

MIX TEMPLE PRO for Logic Pro X

MIX TEMPLE PRO for Logic Pro X


Mix Temple Pro - the perfect starting point for your next mix. Massive channel strip library supports many popular brands of plugins (including Logic 10.4 native plugins iZotope Ozone/Neutron/Nectar, Native Instruments, Waves, Slate Digital, Softube, SSL Native), includes an amazing reverb plugin with many impulse responses of five legendary hardware reverbs.

Crossgrades to the following DAWs will be available for $29 / €29* in the next few months:
Studio One
Ableton Live
FL Studio

* €-prices include your local VAT in the EU

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