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Archive Recall

$ 29 incl VAT (in EU)

Archive Recall – Your Audio-Backup Solution.

You’re looking for an alternated version of your mastered track, e.g. changes in Volume or a bounce for a specific platform (e.g. Spotify)? We’ll apply these changes acc. to your demands to your latest mastering. We’ll get in touch with you instantly after the booking so we can talk about your desired changes. Charges apply per track.

Protected: FET Compressor

$ 1,176 incl VAT (in EU)

A classic recreated – ONLY UNTIL APRIL 4

Based on the kit from Hairball Audio, this compressor ist further modified by Nick.
Including some original NOS parts, this is the version we use in our studio on daily base.
The face plate is labeled by removing the color, just as on the vintage 1176 Rev A model.
Furthermore the unit is signed by Nick and Marc at the end after a carefully calibration!

Please notice that it could take several weeks to order the parts and build your compressor! But you can stay in touch with us during the whole production time.