Latest updates:
• March 21: MIX TEMPLE PRO for Pro Tools – updated to V1.2 (added support for SSL Native Plugins)

MIX TEMPLE PRO Pre-Order – now available for Pro Tools and Logic Pro X!
$29 / €29* UPGRADE from any version of MIX TEMPLE

If you have previously bought MIX TEMPLE, please e-mail us at feedback@mixedbymarcmozart.com – we are happy to send you a personalised discount code.


  1. I’ve bought the eBook YOUR MIX SUCKS eBook (Spanish). Is there any way I can download the version in English? I’ve found some terms which are not properly translated.

  2. Hi Marc, I had purchased the ebook and Logic template in Jan 2016 but didnt have an account, any way that it can be created now with my order history so that I can download the updates, please do let me know cheers

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